Overall, the P2V strikes an interesting balance of capability and features, and probably is most useful for professionals and serious enthusiasts. Perhaps more troubling is the fact that snapshots are a two step process: Sharing is Caring Help spread the word. If you still cannot view the video, please email us at cs ipevo. When you are using third-party software such as Skype for video calls, all functions, including snapshots, in the Presenter software will be disabled.

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The USB document camera makes a webcam desirable again. Your computer’s system information osftware appear. UVC ssoftware a USB device class that describes devices capable of streaming video like webcams, digital camcorders, transcoders, analog video converters, television tuners, and still-image cameras. The camera itself is a barrel-shaped implement about 3. Point 2 View will automatically adjust the focus. From the photos above, one aoftware be surprised that actually the iSight in the MacBook Pro got the white balance the most correct, but other than that, both the Logitech and the P2V provided a clearer, sharper image, no doubt due to their autofocusing capabilities.

Picture quality was very good and certainly sftware better than built-in, fixed focus cameras that ship with most laptops. Lacking a built-in microphone, video capture capabilities, and with really slow autofocus this product really should be thought of as a higher-end camera for IM applications with bonus features for live presentation. If the computer still asks for the driver, and you cannot see the live image of P2V in Presenter or Skype, then it’s probably a case of hardware failure.


Because of this rather blatant flooding of the market with little digital eyeballs, webcams are not a hot topic, although internet telephony sees widespread use in business and home settings. If the limitations of built-in cameras bother you, then the P2V is worth a look.

The P2V software package only includes the visual interface and control, not the hardware driver. Green means the P2V is plugged into a USB port and getting sufficient power, and red means the camera is on and the image sensor is sending video data.

IPEVO P2V Camera Review

And now the stand. Higher resolutions use more CPU power, and older computers may struggle to keep up with multiple applications.

Does P2V work on Chromebook? On the surface that is usually pointed skywards are 2 buttons: When you are using third-party software such as Skype for video calls, all functions, including snapshots, in the Presenter software will be disabled.

This would be useful in a presentation application where the image is being shown to an audience as the subject of a presentation.

If you still cannot view the video, please email us at cs ipevo.

IPEVO – Design for Learning.

It is a supremely well-bit piece, with 2 hinges that allow the user to set any range of camera heights from about one inch off the desk to about a foot high. Not a big deal, but this could create an undesired tangle of cables on your desk.

Since the software defaults to low levels of sharpening, this is how we tested the camera. The articulating stand is useful for getting the camera exactly eye-level, which greatly enhances the quality of face-to-face video conferences. At the far end is a switch which allows the user to select between single shot AF or continuous AF.


Yes, Point 2 View works with both Windows and Macintosh. Currently, iMovie doesn’t support external USB devices in direct-capture mode. The bottom of the P2V contains a receptacle for the stand mount, and thoughtfully the receptacle itself rotates in place, allowing the camera to be turned while the stand remains stationary.

These days, miniature cameras can be found embedded in the display bezel of nearly every notebook and netbook, as well as a good portion of LCD monitors. Point 2 View outputs video images up to resolution of xwhich meets the technical specifications supported by major video-calling software such as Skype. The chromed lens ring encircles a matte black lens surround, with an absolutely tiny lens in the center. Clearly, the P2V camera has the potential to make a great videoconferencing camera, and it does support standard USB video drivers on Windows and Mac, for seamless integration with popular IM applications such as Skype.

IPEVO | Design for Learning

Being detached from the screen is a real benefit for getting the camera eye-level for more realistic and flattering camera angles. One to three seconds later, focus lock is achieved and you can press the shutter button. Still, the perfect location for the camera would be right in the middle of the screen, or at least right between the eyes of the opposite party.