I got that version already. Rated this writer 8 of Not bad for a cheap Christmas gift. I exchanged it for a Plextor A that seems to be working very good. Add new vendor command. Once I kept bugging the hell out the tech suport they finally gave me the f update. The PI Errors Maximum value should be under – which yours is.

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Link connection some standalone desktop dvd recorder supports this also but then it is usually to connect your DV camera to the recorder Rating The first rating is based on a weighted rank the true Bayesianit requires at least 5 votes to get a weighted rating.

CyberHome CH-DVD 300 Quick Setup Manual

I will than get a cyerhome burner such as a nec and it has a great price to boot on newegg. Comments posted by alex from United States, March 17, Modify servo write performance. Thanks for the table! The ones with f sucked. Sorry for my bad english. AF1 comments, 0 good0 mixed1 poor.


No, 12x is not available on this drive. All I see cyberhomee f that I have already updated to. Maybe you check if the flasher allows to downgrade, first. It’s got a short form factor, so it’s perfect for an SFF rig. It burnt at 7. Folks this burner is a real value! It rips pretty fast and I can play DVDs fine on my machine no skipping like previous post. The BenQ can be had for less money than this drive even retail. The tray LED light will blink for few seconds.

Did he lie just to sell a drive? Not a bad driveā€¦but probably going back soon.

Maybe that is the reason of the high spikes in the scan. Your scans shows no PI Failures.

Here is the link to the newest firmware fir this burner The firmware update F for DXD-A is on the download website now.

M01 comments, 0 good0 mixed1 poor. I’ve had no problems burning: Looks like any Nexperia based drive burns well. No pixelation or anything, but I figured I would ask about it anyway. I only get PI Errors.


Sorry, no speedguessing for CyberHome drives yet. Anyway, If someone would tell me where I could send it so that anyone could pick it up, ie.

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It still not on there web cyberhoem. But, try the v3. Where are you guys getting the f firmware? Press the Eject Tray button on XH I used Nero and RecordNow with no success. Would you recommend me burning at 4x and see if its any better?