On this page I put up some useful things for use with VMware products. Using a larger waveset means better MIDI sound quality, but requires more memory. It might also work for Win 3. MS Client setup Run setup from the temporary directory above. Graphics settings for Max Payne 2:

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This does not affect the operating system, but when running in virtualized environments, it takes up all the processor power on the host.

Network drivers

If you ros the above error, you can use the older DOSidle version 2. BAT to start it automatically when booting. I was not able to read guest files from the host. On the host, I was able to play all the games in high quality without noticeable problems.

If the line is not present, just add it. Host preparation If you want to share your host’s c: Am779c970a the network in Windows 3.

Download driver package as ISO image. Renamed title of the sound driver article to a more appropriate one Added clarification about bit systems Added clarification about ES sound card name.


Zamba’s VMware page

On this page I put up some useful things for use with VMware products. I did not care much about optimization, just wanted to get it up and running. It has possibly moved to this page. Download shell extension for x64 systems. Added info about Aj79c970a Workstation 6. You should accept the defaults unless you have problems. Since I used VMware for the first time I have been fascinated about the virtualization technology.

Download shell extension for x86 systems. Graphics settings for Half-Life 2: Episode Two about video hardware not meeting the minimum requirements: Y2K Update for File Manager: It was still dks slow for me, not fluid enough.

Possibly moved to http: Beginning with VMware Workstation 6. Keep security in mind; restrict access and require passwords to access data.

Windows 95 dps 98 VMs that have been created with previous Workstation versions that have this driver installed crash after upgrading the virtual hardware to Workstation 6. Download driver package as a simple set of files. No need to add e.

Changed links to Ken Kato’s original “VM Back” web site, which is long gone, to a new address, which looks like a replacement for the old site. My host system is a typical Windows machine. The default NAT networking does not allow the VM to communicate with the host, which is what most users want.


You need a decent machine to make this work.

VirtualBox – Two Network Adapters – FreeDOS

Additionally, Windows 95 VMs where the crash occurred become unbootable and the operating system halts with a Windows Protection Error. Insert a Startup diskette matching this version of Windows and then restart.

For security reasons I would not recommend sharing your root drive with anyone. The default sound card emulated in VMware Workstation depends on the program version and the guest operating system:. Internet access via the physical host NIC is still possible including keeping the host firewall alive.